Between 2000 and 2007 I was represented by traveling art reps selling my work across the U.S.. First by Island International based on Guemes Island in Washington and later by Ray Stock Fine Art based in Denver CO.  About the middle of 2007 the economy was tumbling and the art market was tumbling with it. By the end of 2008 I had to take up truck driving which over time was a benefit to my songwriting (doughuntmusic) but not so much for my art. I still painted when I could but being  a single home owner ment I had to be on the road a lot to pay the bills. Now, in 2019 the economy seems to be improving and I'm wanting to return to my life as an artist. A lot has changed in 11 years and the days of the traveling rep seems to have run out of road. Which brings me to this point. I'm looking for a handfull of galleries who are able to purchase art wholesale. In the past I created 20-30 pieces a month to maintain inventory and keep up with sales.

Handling the sales myself for a smaller collection of galleries would not only mean creating less pieces a month it would also mean cutting out the middle man. So if you are interested in creating a relationship directly with an artist please feel free to contact me using the private contact form below. There is no obligation, I would be happy to just be on your radar incase an opportunity comes up.

If you would like to know more about me please visit the "Perrsonal Info" page.

This is the wholesale buyers contact page. On these private pages you will find artwork available only to wholsale buyers. You are also welcome to purchase works from the public pages of my website as well.

The process for purchasing is  "old school"  here. While I could set this up as if you were buying a T-shirt, I'd rather not. If you find a pieces of artwork any where on my site that you would like to purchase wholesale or just get some information about , please contact me using the form below. Please include the name of your gallery or business and a website address. Indicate the name and item number of the piece or pieces you're intersted in. I will send you an email with information, a picture of the piece or pieces you're curious about.

The transaction will be made through PayPal or Venmo.

There are no shipping charges on orders over $500.

Wholesale price is 50% of retail. All prices listed are retail.


1.   Find the piece or pieces you want to purchase. Jot down the title and item number.

2.   Contact me using the email form below with the title and item number you wish to purchase along with your business name and website address.

3.   I will send you a photo of the requested piece or pieces as varification along with cost and any shipping info.

4.   You can then set up the payment via either PayPal or Venmo.... OR you can send me a check to Doug Hunt, P.O. Box 3341 Gresham, Oregon, 97030

5.   Once payment has been varified I will email you with a payment recieved notice.  And will follow up with a photo of the package before shipment

I have shipped art around the U.S. and surprisingly never once had an issue. I tend to over package but if damage occurs in shipment, send me a photo and simply return the artwork and I will return your money and reimburse your shipping cost. Typically I send you a photo of the artwork and packaging before it goes out the door.

If you find that a particular image or style sells well, I can create similar pieces. You'll see in the Art For Sale page that I've created several images that make up a series.


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Thanks for your interest in my work and Thank You for visiting my website!